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Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes

An Evening Out

Great Gardens: the Natural World GNN
Tuesday 7-9pm 11/14 $20
Learn to recreate the natural world in your own garden
We can learn from wild landscapes how to garden more easily and successfully. With a close look at landscapes as varied as Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine, the woodlands of Maryland's Eastern Shore and the meadows and marshes of southern New Jersey, we will see which plants to grow and how and where to plant them. Yes, this is garden design as taught by Mother Nature.

Holiday Beers            VBR
Thursday 7-9pm 11/30 $45
Class held at Village Cheese Shop, 516 Station Ave, Haddon Heights
Beers celebrating Christmas and the holiday season date back thousands of years. Today’s brewers keep up the custom of making flavorful and unique beers for the holidays. We will sample a number of beers: classic winter warmers, spiced beers, beers for sipping by the fireplace, and beers for festive occasions. Instructor: Geoff Robinson. ABC permit appl.

Fine Arts & Crafts

Advanced Art            ART
Tuesday 7-9pm 10/3 – 11/21 $80 for 8 wks Class held in Middle School Art Room (Door #18 on Chestnut St)
This course is for those who have taken classes with Gwynn or have had some experience and would like to continue working on paintings and drawings of their choice and would like some professional help in drawing (graphite, colored pencil or pastel) or watercolor painting. Students provide their own still life or photos. Gwynn DiPilla is a professional artist with a degree in art education.

Drawing            $80 for 8 wks            DRW
Thursday 7-9pm            10/5 – 12/14 (no class 11/9, 11/23, 12/7)
Class held in Middle School Art Room (Door #18 on Chestnut St)
Highly recommended as a prerequisite to watercolor (offered in the winter) and other art courses, this course will focus on drawing with pencil, charcoal and colored pencil. Students will learn shading, composition, and how to “see more correctly”. Some figure drawing will also be covered. A material list will be sent. Instructor is Gwynn DiPilla, a professional artist with a BA in Art Education.

Drawing and Painting at Grace            $95 for 8 wks
Mon. 10am-12          9/25 – 11/13            FULL
Mon. 1-3pm             9/25 – 11/13              FULL
Class held in Parish Hall, Grace Episcopal Church
A daytime art class for adults led by professional artist and art teacher, Gwynn DiPilla. Have Gwynn help you through drawings (graphite pencil, pastels, or colored pencil) and paintings (water color, acrylic, or oil). New students are welcome. Bring your own materials, and photographs or still life for inspiration. A list for recommended supplies for your selected medium will be available. Each class limited to 12 students.

Oil & Acrylic Painting             PNT
Monday 7-9pm           9/25 – 11/13            $85 for 8 wks
Beginner and advanced students welcome. This class teaches the basics of completing a painting step by step. The relaxed teaching method provides an environment that is friendly, enjoyable, and educational. Bring several inspirational full-color photos. Material list sent upon registration. Instructor: Pat Saltman, with 20 years of teaching.

Wire Working and Beading             WWB
7-8:30pm             9/28 – 11/16 (no class 11/9)           $75 for 7 wks
Make amazing jewelry without ever using a torch or needing to solder. With design assistance and creative inspiration, you will understand how beaded jewelry is made. Learn to wire link beads, create wire designs, and wire endings. We will create bangles, earrings, necklaces and rings. No previous knowledge is required. Imagination required. Materials provided except each student will need a set of pliers including: chain nose/standard plier, rounded chain nose, & wire cutters. (Joann Fabrics has a set.) Instructor: Niara Wright, Owner, The House of Flair.

Exercise & Sports

Fencing & Advanced Fencing
Thursday 8-9:30pm             9/14 – 11/16 (no class 9/21, 11/9)
Beginners $50 for 8 wks             FGbg
Advanced $35 for 8 wks              FGad
Class held at Tatem School Gym. New students will learn the basics of this Olympic event that includes foil, the primary learning weapon, and an introduction to epee and saber. Equipment rental is $20 payable to the instructor. Upon receipt of your graduation certificate, you become eligible to continue fencing with the Advanced Fencers to polish skills. Instructor: John Franke, with over 10 years fencing experience.

Pilates            7-7:45 pm
Tues 9/12 – 12/19            $95 for 15 wks            PLt
Thurs 9/14 – 12/21*            $72 for 11 wks            PLr
Both Nights 9/12 – 12/21*          $155 for 26 cls           PLb
          *No class 9/21, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7
Class held at Tatem School Gym. Pilates is a whole-body exercise program that simultaneously strengthens and lengthens your muscles. Based on a progressive series of exercises that accommodate all fitness levels, you will increase your strength, flexibility and balance by focusing on the abdominal muscle and back. Men and women of all ages will love this class! Please bring a floor mat. Instructor: Sue Heindel.

Tai Chi             Tuesdays 6 – 6:45pm
9/19 – 10/24          $45 for 6 wk         TC
10/31 – 12/19           $60 for 8 wk            TC2
Class held at Tatem Music Room. "A Time for You" Tai chi is an effective low impact workout that can improve balance, help fight arthritis, and stimulate the immune system. It can lead to peace of mind and general good health. We teach the Yang form - soft, graceful movements that can become like dancing with an old friend! It feels good! I've taught martial arts for over 50 years and been a student of tai chi since 1980. Instructor: Jack Poupard with Susan Stapleford

Volleyball: Co-Ed            9:15 – 10:45pm
Monday 9/11 – 12/18        $60 for 15 wks         VYm
Thursday 9/14 – 12/14*         $40 for 10 wks         VYr
Both Nights 9/11 – 12/18*           $95 for 25 cls         VYb
          *No class 9/21, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7
Class held at Middle School Gym. Class is for active players who want to play and sharpen their skills. Drop-in players allowed with online registration (VYd). Instructor: Gordon McDonald.

Yoga            Tuesdays 8 - 9pm
10/24 – 12/12            $80 for 8 wks            YOG2
Class held at Tatem Music Room. All ages welcome to enjoy this yoga class for beginners as you are guided through classical yoga postures. Learn the fundamentals of correct alignment, conscious breathing and relaxation techniques. Please arrive a few minutes early for class, and bring a yoga mat and a small blanket or towel. Instructor: Pam Babli, Yoga Center of Haddonfield.

Zumba Mondays            7 - 8pm
10/23 – 12/18 (no class 12/11)          $56 for 8 wks           ZUM2
Class held at Tatem School. Zumba is a dance fitness program inspired by international music. Simple, easy to follow dance steps create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness class. It’s a cardio based workout with sculpting exercises designed to tone the entire body. No previous dance experience necessary. Zumba is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Instructor: Natalie Sandone.

Interest Classes

History of the Western Film           FILM
Tues 6:30-9:30pm           9/26 – 12/19 (no class 11/21)          $60 for 12 wk
Each class includes a short lecture followed by screening of a classic film, finishing with question and answer period. Films to be shown include: The Searchers, Shane, High Noon, Rio Bravo, Red River, Unforgiven, and at least 10 more. Instructor: Ralph Secinaro, film historian and owner of Barrington Movie Poster and Bookshop

Guitar for Beginners          GTR
Monday 6:30-8pm         9/25 – 11/13          $85 for 8 wks
The course introduces basic guitar techniques to the novice including: basic strumming techniques using chord diagrams, playing single note melodies by means of tablature (not musical notation), exploring the chord/melody style, and finger picking. Instructor: James Schneider.

Mindfulness Practice Exercise Class            MND
6-6:45pm           9/25 – 12/4 (no class 11/20)            $100 for 10 wks
Mindfulness is utilized by the U.S. Marines, large and small businesses, hospitals, universities and K-12 schools to name just a few. The best way to successfully achieve anything is to start with the most important and powerful muscle in the body…our brain. A plethora of research evidence shows mindfulness practices help in reducing stress, anxiety, pain management, boosting immunity, improving emotional and social intelligence, long-term weight loss, improving overall health and more. Like physical exercise regular “mindfulness exercises” are essential to achieve results. This class includes instructions on mindfulness practice exercises, integrating mindfulness into everyday life and overcoming obstacles that can hold back the practice of mindfulness. Instructor Denice A. Fox, CEBC, PCC, CHWC

Tennis & Golf Classes for Kids

Programs offered by instructor Larry MacCluen, USPTA Professional, are designed to teach fundamental skills in a fun and positive way as well as improve self-confidence and self-esteem. Financial assistance is available, contact the Adult School Director.

Tennis & Golf at Tatem School All Purpose Room, 1 Glover Ave off Grove St.

FundamentalTennis: (age 4-6)
Children will throw, catch, skip and judge ball bounce & speed in a fun way.    $60 for 6 wks
9-9:45am           9/9 – 10/28 (no class 10/21)          TFS
Sat 9-9:45am          10/28 – 12/16 (no class 11/11, 11/25)         TFS2

Beginner Tennis: (age 6-8)
Tennis strokes are introduced while improving hand-eye coordination and ball sense. Emphasis is learning proper tennis basics in a fun way. $60 for 6 wks
9:45-10:30am        9/9 – 10/28 (no class 10/21)         TBG
9:45-10:30am        10/28 – 12/16 (no class 11/11, 11/25)        TBG2

Junior Tennis: (age 8-12)
 Skill-based focus. $65 for 6 wks
10:30-11:30am        9/9 – 10/28 (no class 10/21)         TJR
10:30-11:30am         10/28 – 12/16 (no class 11/11, 11/25)         TJR2

Golf Beginners: (age 4-9)
Learning a proper swing is emphasized. Parent participation required. $65 for 6 wks
12:15-1pm         9/9 – 10/28 (no class 10/14, 10/21)        GBG at Lizzy Haddon
11:30-12:15pm         10/28 – 12/16 (no class 11/11, 11/25)         GBG2

Golf Juniors: (age 9+)
Continued focus on skills on Tatem Field. $65 for 6 wks
Sat 1-1:45pm         9/9 – 10/28 (no class 10/14, 10/21)         GJR at Lizzy Haddon

Sunday Kids Golf: (age 4-9)
Learning a proper swing is emphasized. Parent participation required. $60 for 6 wks
     GFU at Lizzy Haddon
Sun 12-1pm           10/22 – 12/10 (no class 11/12)         GFU2

Sunday Kids Tennis: (ages 4-9)
Tennis strokes are introduced while improving hand-eye coordination and ball sense. Emphasis is learning proper tennis basics in a fun way. $60 for 6 wks
Sun 1:30-2:30pm           10/22 – 12/10 (no class 11/12)         TSU2