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Summer Kids Tennis & Golf Camps

Camps held Monday through Friday at Elizabeth Haddon School, 501 Redman Ave., Haddonfield.
The program is for children about 7 - 12 years old who love the sport, and 5 - 6 year olds who have taken Coach Larry's classes, and may eventually want to play more competitively.  Any questions call Coach Larry 856-428-6052

Tennis 9:00 - 10:30 am  $90 / week
June 24 - 28   SL1t           July 8 - 12        SL2t          July 22 - 26     SL3t
August 5-9      SL4t          August 19-23    SL5t         August 26-30   SL6t

Golf 10:30 - 12:00 pm   $90 / week
June 24 - 28    SL1g          July 8 - 12        SL2g          July 22 - 26     SL3g
August 5-9       SL4g          August 19-23   SL5g         August 26-30   SL6g


Summer Exercise & Sports

Summer is busy, but enroll without worry! For each of these classes, pay for 8 weeks and the rest are Free! Classes meet in the Eliz. Haddon All Purpose Room. Enter the APR from the rear door by the parking lot.

Fit 20-20-20                                                     Wednesdays 7–8pm 
6/26 – 8/28       $56 for 10 wks              FITsum
Get the perfect mix of three of the hottest and most effective fitness routines out there. 20 minutes of cardio kickboxing, 20 minutes of barre, and 20 minutes of core training. A taste of everything, to make you fitter and stronger!  Instructor: Natalie Sandone.

Pilates                                                             7-7:45 pm   
Tues  6/25 – 8/27                                   $56 for 10 wks     PLTsum
Thur  6/27 – 8/29 (no class 7/4)          $56 for 9 wks       PLRsum
Pilates is a whole-body exercise program that simultaneously strengthens and lengthens your muscles. Based on a progressive series of exercises that accommodate all fitness levels, you will increase your strength, flexibility and balance by focusing on the abdominal muscle and back. Men and women of all ages will love this class! Please bring a floor mat. Instructor: Sue Heindel.

Tai Chi                                                             Tuesdays 6-6:45pm  
6/25 - 8/27                $56 for 10 wks     TCsum
A Time for You" Tai chi is an effective low impact workout that can improve balance, help fight arthritis, and stimulate the immune system. It can lead to peace of mind and general good health. We teach the Yang form - soft, graceful movements that can become like dancing with an old friend! It feels good! I've taught martial arts for over 50 years and been a student of tai chi since 1980. Instructor: Jack Poupard

Yoga                                                                Tuesdays 8 - 9pm
6/25 – 8/27            $80 for 10 wks         YOGsum
All ages welcome to enjoy this yoga class for beginners as you are guided through classical yoga postures. Learn the fundamentals of correct alignment, conscious breathing and relaxation techniques. Please arrive a few minutes early for class and bring a yoga mat and a small blanket or towel. Instructor: Pam Babli, Yoga Center of Haddonfield.

Zumba                                                             Mondays 7-8pm
6/24 - 8/26             $56 for 10 wks       ZUMsum
Zumba is a dance fitness program inspired by international music. Simple, easy to follow dance steps to create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness class. It’s a cardio based workout to turn up the party and scorch those calories! No previous dance experience necessary. Zumba is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Instructor: Natalie Sandone.