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An Evening In

There’s No Place Like Home: Fun In Philly                   FUN
Thursday 7-8:20pm            11/5                                     $30
Although we’re not traveling, we can still have lots of fun in the Philadelphia region. And Irene Levy Baker, author of two Philly-centric books is here to explain how. She’ll help you plan a staycation, make sure you never waste your free time doing laundry and tell you about places to create fun family memories. Hear stories about where to have adventures including good places to social distance, secret locales even long-time locals don’t know about, and how to help restaurants survive with limited capacity - based on the second edition of her book, 100 Things To Do In Philadelphia, which will be published this fall. Tuition includes book which will be mailed to you.

College Funding Boot Camp                                          CBC
Thursday 7-9pm                 10/8                                     $20
Prepared for your child’s college education? Learn how to double your eligibility for financial aid; find scholarships, grants, and low-interest loans; and learn how to fill out the complicated application forms. Instructor:  Laurent W Metzler, J.D.

Estate Planning Boot Camp                                           EBC
Thursday 7-9pm                 10/15                                  $20
Learn how to plan and protect your estate. Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and “Living Wills” will be discussed. Learn also how to reduce or eliminate federal and New Jersey estate taxes; avoid the negative impact of probate; and how to protect your estate from being “spent down” on nursing home care. Instructor: Laurent W. Metzler, J.D.

Savvy Social Security Boot Camp                                  SSBC
Thursday 7-9pm                 10/22                                  $20
Come and learn how to determine when is the optimal time to apply for benefits. Discover the detriments of applying early and the benefits of delayed claiming. Learn how to develop a tax effective strategy to coordinate your social security benefits with your other retirement plans. We will also delve into the pros and cons of Roth IRAs, Roth conversions, and IRA alternative strategies. We will also discuss traditional and non-traditional strategies to help protect your nest egg from the next stock market crash. Instructor – Laurent W. Metzler, J.D.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis                                         HSS
Thursday 6-6:40pm            11/5                                     $60
Through hypnosis, smoking cessation is easily achieved. Eliminate the craving for tobacco while minimizing discomfort. Please bring a small pillow to class. In a relaxed state, allow kind and healthy suggestions to enter your mind to help you achieve your goals. Optional reinforcement audio file is strongly recommended and is available for purchase for $18. Instructor: Barry Wolfson, MS. Director Hypnosis Counseling Center 

Lose Weight with Hypnosis                                          HLW
Thursday 7-7:40pm            11/5                                     $60
Through hypnosis, weight loss is easily and painlessly attained. Shed unwanted pounds and keep them off in a safe, effective program. Please bring a small pillow to class. In a relaxed state, allow kind and healthy suggestions to enter your mind to help you achieve your goals. Optional reinforcement audio file is strongly recommended and is available for purchase for $18. Instructor: Barry Wolfson, MS. Director Hypnosis Counseling Center 

Better Sleep with Hypnosis                                           HBS
Thursday 8-8:40pm            11/5                                     $60
Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Do you have difficulty getting back to sleep if you wake up during the night? Imagine leaving life’s cares and worries behind at the end of each day. Learn relaxation techniques and strategies to fall asleep easier. Optional reinforcement audio file is strongly recommended and is available for purchase for $18. Instructor: Barry Wolfson, MS. Director Hypnosis Counseling Center 

Fine Arts & Crafts

Fundamentals of Cartooning                                         PAC
Class sponsored by the Princeton Adult School
Tues., 7:30–8:30 pm   10/13-11/24, (no class 11/3)    $75 for 6 wk
This course will include drawing techniques for both beginning and experienced cartoonists. Exercises for facial expressions, gestures, and creativity will lead to a variety of cartoons. Magazine, editorial, and greeting card cartooning will be explored, and caricature techniques will be introduced. NOTE: You will need a pencil, eraser, fine-tip black marker and some light-weight paper (photocopy paper will be okay). Handouts will be emailed prior to class. Instructor: Ken Wilkie, nationally published cartoonist

Calligraphy- Beginning & Advanced                             CLG
Monday 7-9pm                  10/5 – 11/9                      $75 for 6 wks
Beginner’s workshop in modern pointed-pen calligraphy will teach you about the tools of calligraphy, basics in practice strokes and technique, as well as cover a full alphabet. If you are just starting out or are looking for hands-on tips and techniques to improve your beginner’s hand, this workshop is for you! If you have taken a class before and want to grow and learn beyond the beginners’ class with projects to grow your craft this class is also for you. We will learn how to add design elements to capture the essence of the verse being lettered. Learning drawing skills and color choices for that perfect detail. Material fee of $10 paid to instructor, Maureen Peters, graphic artist specializing in calligraphy.

Interest Classes

Innovation: Making the Culture Thrive                        PAI
Class sponsored by the Princeton Adult School
Tues., 8:00 pm     10/20-12/15 (no class 11/3)        $155 for 8 wks
How do scientists and scholars translate their research into innovations and inventions that change our lives? Princeton University is a leader in re-imagining how interdisciplinary research can make such a difference. In this lecture series, we will hear from a molecular biologist who discovered how cells talk to each other, a musicologist who has traced the evolution of opera from Venice to Shanghai, an electrical engineer who helps to safeguard implanted medical devices in an interconnected world, a historian who figured out how to use computers to piece together scraps of the “Cairo Geniza,” and much more. The curious among you should join us in glimpsing the future with noted Princeton scholars.
Oct. 20: Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Prince ton University 
RODNEY D. PRIESTLEY, Vice Dean for Innovation, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Oct. 27: Tiny Conspiracies: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria 
BONNIE BASSLER, Chair, Dept of Molecular Biology
Nov. 10: Flock Logic: The Art and Engineering of How Groups Move
NAOMI LEONARD, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nov. 17: Smart Healthcare: NIRAJ JHA, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Nov. 24: Feigning Madness in Song: An Operatic Journey from Venice to Shanghai: WENDY HELLER, Chair, Dept of Music
Dec. 1: Smart Grid: The Internet of Energy: H. VINCENT POOR, Interim Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science
Dec. 8: Everyone Is Your Friend! The Molecular Architecture of Hypersocial Canines: BRIDGETT VONHOLDT, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dec. 15: Manuscript Fragments in the Digital Age: The Case of the Cairo Geniza: MARINA RUSTOW, Professor of Jewish Civilization in the Near East; Professor of Near Eastern Studies and History

The Imperfect Speaker: Public Speaking Techniques     PAP
Class sponsored by the Princeton Adult School
Monday, 6:00–8:00 pm     11/2-12/7                  $135 for 6 wks
The imperfect speaker knows that admitting imperfection is a strength that opens the gateway to continual improvement. Do you need to lead a meeting, webinar, or a presentation? Have an important interview? Or simply wish to communicate more effectively with friends and family? Learn to be a smooth talkin’ speaker by commanding your online or in-person audience’s attention, using voice variety and body language effectively, eliminating verbal pauses, and telling stories for maximum impact. All are welcome in this fun online class where we will gently encourage each other’s progress and success through interactive exercises and short presentations. (Navi- gating specific types of online forums will not be the focus. Speaking techniques and positive group interaction will). Virginia Wheatley, speaker and former president of local Toastmasters club NOTE: This course is appropriate for advanced ESL students.

Online Beginner Bridge                                                $95 for 9 wks
               Day and evening session available
Tuesday 3:30-5pm             9/29 – 11/24                      SJBGd
Tuesday 7-8:30pm             9/29 – 11/24                      SJBGn
Learn and play bridge online! Keep your mind active, meet new people, learn to play bridge! This course is designed for players who have never played bridge before. Join us for a friendly, welcoming and interactive introduction to bridge. Bernadette is a TAP & ACBL accredited bridge instructor, and ACBL director. She has been teaching in person and online classes for over 20 years. Bernadette owns the Game Friendzy & Bridge Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. 16 students maximum

Online Bridge                                                              $55 for 4 wks
               Day and evening session available
Wednesday 3:30-5pm       9/30 –   10/21                   SJBGOd
Wednesday 7-8:30pm       9/30 –   10/21                   SJBGOn
Do you already play bridge and want to play online? Then this session is for you. Learn the ins & outs of online play for fun and competition. You can play with players from all over the world and earn masterpoints! Bernadette is a TAP & ACBL accredited bridge instructor, and ACBL director. She has been teaching in person and online classes for over 20 years. Bernadette owns the Game Friendzy & Bridge Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. 16 students maximum

Feathered Fundamentals                                              BRD
Wednesday 7:30-8:10pm      9/30-10/21                   $40 for 4 wks
Birds are all around us. Do you want to get started on birding as a hobby - or maybe just learn a little more about who's hanging out in your yard? Then this class is for you. Topics will include common birds in the area, tips for identifying unfamiliar birds, attracting birds to your yard, and tips regarding nearby birding areas. Instructor Christine Schroeder

Introduction to Magic                                                    PAM
Class sponsored by the Princeton Adult School
Thurs., 7–8pm                    10/ 8-11/5                      $60 for 5 wks
This class will bring out your inner magician by teaching the basic categories of magic tricks: cards, coins, ropes, mentalism, and more. Additional topics include performing, developing patter, connecting with your audience, and creating a magic act. Each class has home- work and will require practice time. Instructor: Ed Smoot, owner of The Comedy Magic of Ed Smoot

Meditation for Beginners                                              PAN
Class sponsored by the Princeton Adult School
Tues. 7:45–8:45 pm      10/13-11/10 (no class 11/3)    $55 for 4 wks
Peace is a natural state of being when we learn to quiet the mind, calm the emotions and relax the body. In this class we will explore inner movements and freedom as we awaken the spirit through various techniques including breathing, observation, and visualization. Instructor: Susanna DeRosa, T’ai Chi instructor in the Princeton area since 1976. Class is limited to 15 students.

Exercise & Sports

Tai Chi                                New session!                                               TC
Tuesdays 6-6:40pm           10/20 – 12/1              $53 for 7 wks
A Time for You" Tai chi is an effective low impact workout that can improve balance, help fight arthritis, and stimulate the immune system. It can lead to peace of mind and general good health. We teach the Yang form - soft, graceful movements that can become like dancing with an old friend! It feels good! Class held via Zoom meeting. I've taught martial arts for over 50 years and been a student of tai chi since 1980. Instructor: Jack Poupard 

Yoga                                     New session!                                             YOG
Tuesdays 8 - 9pm                10/20 – 12/1              $77 for 7 wks
All ages welcome to enjoy this yoga class for beginners as you are guided through classical yoga postures. Learn the fundamentals of correct alignment, conscious breathing and relaxation techniques.  Class held via Zoom meeting. Instructor: Pam Babli, Yoga Center of Haddonfield.

Zumba                                                                              ZUM
Mondays 6:30-7:30pm      10/5 – 12/7          $75 for 10 wks    
Zumba is a dance fitness program inspired by international music. Simple, easy to follow dance steps to create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness class. It’s a cardio based workout to turn up the party and scorch those calories! No previous dance experience necessary. Zumba is designed for all ages and fitness levels. Instructor: Natalie Sandone.